Maximize Your Workplace Effectiveness

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We all want to be inspired to grow and succeed at work. While our employers can create a positive environment, each of us is ultimately responsible for our own engagement and effectiveness.

WellSpirit’s Maximizing Your Workplace Effectiveness Personal Coaching Experience uses the DiSC Workplace Profile and personal coaching via telephone, Skype, or face-to-face. You will . . .

  • Discover your individual personality style and explore the priorities that drive you during the workday.
  • Learn how to “read” the DiSC styles of your co-workers and others.
  • Identify what works for you and what challenges you when working with each DiSC personality style.
  • Plan how to bridge differences using the DiSC model to work more effectively with your co-oworkers and with others.
  • Explore how the interaction between the differing personal styles influences your workforce culture.
  • Using the strengths you discover you can better connect with coworkers and supervisors, shape your work environment, learn and apply new knowledge, stretch yourself, and make meaningful contributions.

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