Why Leaders are Like Farmers

Leaders are Like FarmersHarvest time! The farmer finally gathers the crop planted earlier in the year. The fruit of his or her labor goes to market; we benefit from the harvest, delighted with the selection and quality. Abundant crops invoke celebration and thankfulness. The culmination of the growing cycle reminds us that it was a process. It required good seed, time and effort! As Will Rogers said, “You got to do more than just live in the country to be a farmer.” Leadership is like farming. Leaders sow into the lives of others, and over time and with cultivation, there is a harvest…a reaping of results based on what the leader sowed and how it was cultivated. What do leaders sow? How do they cultivate? What do they reap at harvest time?

Leaders Sow

Leaders sow their values into the lives of others through expressing attitudes, words, and actions. At work, home or in the community, think about the impact individuals can have on you, your business or organization. Interacting with others requires receiving their expressions. What are the leaders in your life expressing to you every day? What are you expressing in return? As you lead others, are you expressing (or sowing) good seed? Remember, you will reap what you sow!

Leaders Cultivate

Leaders cultivate what they have sown by continuously “connecting the dots” between words and actions. They do this by living out, or modeling, what matters most to them about people, work, life and faith. Pursued diligently, this is like the weeding, watering, and nurturing the farmer must do to facilitate the crop to full growth. The leader’s daily cultivation has the potential to yield good results for him or her, and in the lives of others. Are you cultivating?

Leaders Harvest

Leaders harvest the crop they have sown and cultivated. The Bible tells us, “A man reaps what he sows” (Galatians 6:7). To get the best yield, make sure the seeds sown are the most important values. Cultivate consistently and be an example to emulate. Enjoy the celebration of harvest when you and your colleagues progress together positively in work, life and faith!