Success – Want it? Ask!


Want success? Ask!


Want Success? Be Teachable

In leadership coaching, it is not unusual for a leader seeking guidance to say, “I can’t believe I’m asking about this issue. You’d think I could figure this out!” This is the fallacy: a leader should automatically know exactly what to decide/do/say in all situations. But here’s the thing: leaders don’t achieve success as isolated people who think they know it all. Every leader has limited knowledge. Consequently, there are moments when all leaders do not  know immediately what is best for a particular challenge. Education and experience can prepare leaders well for leadership challenges. However, outcomes depend on how leaders use what they know along with what they are currently learning in each situation and how they relate with the people involved. This requires being teachable, inviting communication, and asking for strategic guidance.

Want Success? Be Coachable

Successful athletes share a common experience: the positive personal impact of their coaches. Top athletes depend on coaching relationships to make it to the pinnacle of success. Olympic coach Michelle Leigh says, Ultimately being a great coach is all about helping people to become more. The coach/athlete relationship illustrates overarching themes that dominate the most successful coach/leader relationships: mutual trust, authentic concern for others, and self-awareness. CEO Stephen Miles of The Miles Group, an executive coaching firm, says, Even the best-of-the-best CEOs have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective weighing in. We are moving away from coaching being perceived as ‘remedial’ to where it should be something that improves performance, similar to how elite athletes use a coach.

Want Success? Ask!

Stanford University and The Miles Group conducted a study that shows while two-thirds of chief executives don’t get any coaching or leadership advice from outside their companies, nearly 100% of those leaders say they wish that they did (Forbes). Take a moment to think how advice from a trusted adviser could help you carry out your leadership initiatives more quickly and effectively. Ask yourself . . .

  • What do I need to get done: Define a business model? Develop a strategic plan? Lead a major change initiative? Create a new culture in my organization? Improve organizational communication? Design a remarkable customer experience? Implement new processes and systems? Make teams more productive? Develop leaders for my organization?
  • What risk is there to my well-being and my business or organization’s future if I do not seek professional advice?

Based on your honest answers, would a coach be helpful to you? Leadership coaching can offer steps in achieving success. Simply ask!

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About the Authors

Dr. Jeff R. Hale and Dr. Renée N. Hale provide executive leadership to WellSpirit Management Consulting. Having coached leaders around the world to set and met their goals for personal and professional success, Jeff & Renée continue to devote a part of their time to coaching leaders with a desire  for greater success.

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