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Leadership: Follow a Star

three-wise-men-starDo you know the Christmas story of three wise men from the east who followed a star to find the baby Jesus? The star they saw guided them to their destination. They were determined to get there because they had important gifts to present to Jesus. They wanted to make the journey. They followed a certain star, and delivered their gifts! Leaders also have very important gifts to deliver: gifts of good leadership to colleagues and followers who depend on that leadership to guide, support, and encourage them. The model of determination, commitment, and generosity that the wise men displayed is a motivating example for leaders to emulate year-round.

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Leadership Perseverance: Don’t Give Up!

bigstock_Don_t_Give_Up_28727816Leaders must persevere to see desired results. Are you fatigued or discouraged while leading people to accomplish a project? Exhausted while leading yourself to achieve something significant? Follow the action plan below to boost your leadership perseverance in making difficult decisions, seeing plans and decisions through to their culminations, and learning/adjusting for improved performance.

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Leadership for the Long Haul


Leadership for the long haul includes making difficult decisions, seeing plans and decisions through to their culminations, and learning/adjusting for improved performance. Fatigued or discouraged while leading people to accomplish a goal? Tired out while leading yourself to achieve something significant? Sometimes leaders must persevere through difficulties for a long period to see desired results. Take heart; this perseverance most often reaps positive results! As the Apostle Paul said, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9 NIV).

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Why Leaders are Like Farmers

Leaders are Like FarmersHarvest time! The farmer finally gathers the crop planted earlier in the year. The fruit of his or her labor goes to market; we benefit from the harvest, delighted with the selection and quality. Abundant crops invoke celebration and thankfulness. The culmination of the growing cycle reminds us that it was a process. It required good seed, time and effort! As Will Rogers said, “You got to do more than just live in the country to be a farmer.” Leadership is like farming. Leaders sow into the lives of others, and over time and with cultivation, there is a harvest…a reaping of results based on what the leader sowed and how it was cultivated. What do leaders sow? How do they cultivate? What do they reap at harvest time? Continue reading

When Leadership is Scary

Halls Of HorrorThe image of a “scary” leader takes me back to Junior High School, when I dreaded walking a certain hallway because of a particular teacher who monitored that area—someone who seemed gruff, authoritarian and mean. As a young teen, I found it odd that such a person would choose to work around a bunch of Junior High kids. I grew puzzled, intimidated, and I even felt sorry for that teacher who appeared so personally miserable. Today, I still observe some folks in positions of leadership who exhibit “scary” characteristics: incompetency, selfishness, callousness, and other qualities that hurt others and greatly impede their leadership and their organization’s effectiveness. What should one’s response be to these “scary” leaders? How can we avoid becoming “scary” leaders? Continue reading

Great Leaders and Great Organizations Look Outward

out the window2

Sipping my morning coffee, I looked out my kitchen window. I saw a beautiful carpet of golden leaves covering the ground – delivered overnight. I was delighted and inspired by beauty. I remembered that fall is well underway; winter is coming. The end of the year is close and I have responsibilities to keep and goals to achieve. A fundamental leadership principle came to mind: Look outward.

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