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Leaders Must Die

Fall-LeavesVivid autumn colors will soon burst forth across the Midwestern United States. Are you amazed by the shades of changing leaves, fall sunsets, and the harvest moon? But there’s more: it’s the season when nature dies around us. We see the grass turn brown; trees lose their leaves, and flowers dry up. It’s a transition to a barren time, a season when living things are dormant until spring brings life giving warmth and rain. Without the autumn death and the winter barrenness, the spring would not be filled with new life. Always welcomed as a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and life; spring could not exist without the true beauty of autumn. This is nature’s illustration of the fundamental principle of death and dormancy in order to bring newness and life; it’s paramount for leaders. So then, leaders must die before they lead well? In a way, yes.

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Leaders: Rest!

tired manOh, the driving zeal of many leaders! Little rest seems normal—but what are the consequences when the leader’s passionate pursuit precludes appropriate rest? How can rest seem important when the need is pressing? Maybe this is the day you’re supposed to be honest with yourself about rest. After all, you’re reading this!

In our fast paced world where one may expect immediate and plentiful results, it is tempting to participate in this frenzy in the name of leadership. Energy runs high, motivation is strong, and a desire to succeed may dominate the leadership persona. Fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout may be “badges of honor” for those who abandon themselves to work. But does this type of obsession, without rest and care for one’s personal being, call for rewarding—or rebuking? Author Esther Schubert notes that leaders who give of themselves without appropriate rest say they “…sometimes feel like Garrison Keillor’s Catholic church in rural Minnesota—Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility.”

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Coaching the WellSpirit Way with 50% OFF!

coaching 2At WellSpirit we believe everyone has ability to pursue their vision, goals and dreams effectively. How that ability is developed is unique to each person. That’s why we approach coaching with a personally tailored mapping system and evaluation sequence to help you articulate what matters most to you; then facilitate concrete “next steps” that are relevant immediately, accomplishing measurable momentum towards results.

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Your Best Workflow

workflowWorkflow is the way things get done. It happens daily, whether we design it or not. It consists of the steps from start to finish of any given process; it could be laundry, ironing and storing clothes as well as printing and assembling documents at work, or manufacturing something on a large scale. Getting things done takes shape in our personal and work environments as productive, nonproductive, or worse—a waste of time. Why not design workflow to get the results we want?  Three things make a successful workflow:  a plan, the resources, and the people. Most leaders would be pleased if these three components were in place every time they started a project. The reality is that the perfect combination of these factors rarely occurs on its own. Leaders must be creative, flexible, and resourceful to get the results they want through intentionally designing workflow.

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Step Up Your Game!

Step up your game

According to WordPress, 78% of companies that blog DAILY have acquired a customer from their blog.  If you blog multiple times per day, that number climbs to close to 100%. Well, I (Jeff) didn’t know that until I read Secret To Daily Blogging With The Power Post by Nuclear Chowder Marketing (gotta love that name!). Here at WellSpirit Consulting, we’ve been blogging weekly. Challenged by the stats and tips in the article mentioned above, we decided to up our game. That’s right, weekly blogging is out – and daily blogging (or at least almost daily) blogging is in.

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