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Leadership Focus: Foggles

fogglesLet’s take a lesson from aviators: learn to focus on what will save you and further your mission. Foggles resemble over-sized eyeglasses; they are “frosted” except for narrow, clear areas at the bottom of the lenses, designed to restrict the view to a small area. Worn by students learning to fly aircraft by instruments only, they force the wearer to rely on the only thing visible—the instrument panel! It’s the discipline of relying on information the pilot receives from objective instruments of measurement—not feelings, physical sensation, or optical illusion. Pilots with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) training can fly through clouds, inclement weather, and darkness. This skill can save lives. Fatal accidents have occurred when non-IFR pilots have become disoriented, relying on their physical feelings of orientation—thinking they were ascending—when in reality they were descending to a tragic crash. Foggles are a tool used to develop the discipline of acting in productive response to reality, especially when it seems counterintuitive—to make course corrections that keep you on course and safe. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were Foggles for developing this kind of discipline in leadership focus—to keep your company or organization on the right trajectory for success? There are…

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Why The Best Businesses Have An “Ultimate Destination”

Arrows showing up (Blender)Have you noticed? In our current economic climate, some people are confident about the direction for their business or organization. Even facing many of the same challenges you do, they seem to move ahead undaunted by obstacles. Maybe you would like to possess that kind of focus on a preferable future. Do you have a vision for yourself, your organization, or your business? A compelling picture of your future; an “ultimate destination”? Continue reading

Influence Others by Embracing Hope

New Year`s MorningAre you hope-“full” or hope-“less”? Do you consider hope an extension of fantasy or a catalyst for reality? The saying, “The glass is either half full or half empty” speaks of hope—it’s your choice of viewpoint! Your belief about hope influences your life’s trajectory and the lives of those with whom you interact. Research in the area of hope in the workplace tells us that hope can help people move to each next step of positive change. Continue reading