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Priorities at Work: Yours Aren’t Mine!

prioritiesWhy do you approach your work a certain way? Why do co-workers approach work in ways that seem counter-productive to you? Our approach to work is guided by our personal priorities. Each person has priorities that rise to the forefront in thinking and behavior.

We find it easier to work with co-workers who share our priorities. After all, “they get it!” We may find it challenging and sometimes unpleasant to work with colleagues whose priorities differ from our own: “They just don’t get it!” If we had a way to better communicate our priorities to others and to better respond to the priorities of our co-workers, it would make our workplaces better! Communication would flow more freely and helpfully, productivity would increase, and people would be more fulfilled in their work. All of this would most certainly lead to a better financial bottom line. So let’s take a look at how to communicate better so that our workplaces and work outcomes are improved.

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Caring for People: Everyone is Important

caring for people


Sometimes it’s just a great day, good things happen, stuff goes right, and you’re thinking—“This is magical! Really? Could days like this occur more often?” We are surprised because we are accustomed to dealing with difficulty, anticipating annoyances, and feeling stressed. But there are ways to witness “magic” more regularly. In leadership it’s all about the people with whom you interact.

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Customer Experience: Truth and Consequences


According to customer intelligence consulting firm Walker, “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. The customer of 2020 will be more informed and in charge of the experience they receive. They will expect companies to know their individual needs and personalize the experience.” Customer experience is the differentiating factor when determining whether or not to do business with a provider or repeat a purchase. It’s always been on the radar of business leaders who want to get ahead. The well-known corporate cliché, “The customer is king” means that overall, the customers of a business will determine its success or failure. With abundant choices now at customers’ fingertips, customer experience is becoming more important than ever. Every business should evaluate its customer experience and aim to improve. Continue reading

Wasting Time and Money on Operations?

operationsOperations are all the actions that take place regularly to facilitate maintenance and progress in your business or organization. Operations are the human engagements of system design and processes. Customers are on the receiving end of operations. When these operations are carried out efficiently we say things are going well; but toward what end? Operations may go smoothly yet be ineffective, or they may not be the best investment of time or money. Think of it this way: operations must flow from a planning process that flows from accurate, wise and strategic thinking about where the business or organization has been, is now, and desires to be in the future. Concerning operations, leadership expert Mike Myatt says, “…the best leaders always start with why followed very closely by who. Then, and only then, do they work on the design of what and how.”

Why Update Operations?

Should businesses and organizations update operations regularly? The old cliché, “That’s the way we’ve always done it” comes to mind often when discussing operations. But don’t roll your eyes just yet; people may say this simply because it is a statement of fact, and not a hard line against change. Maybe they’ve not ever been encouraged to think about changing the way things are done in order to accommodate a fluctuating economy or business environment. So give them the benefit of the doubt and begin to introduce the real value and advantage of designing operations that work well. Eamonn Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer, Strategy & Operations Deloitte Consulting LLP, shares his insights into 9 global trends that affect how businesses and organizations must consider operations in the coming years: “The next wave of globalization will bring fresh challenges on many levels for businesses and the people who manage them.” Our world is more connected than ever before, with global issues influencing businesses of every size.

Do Good Operations Make a Difference to Customers?

When operations work, businesses and organizations produce the results that satisfy customers. Remarkable customer experience means more repeat business and positive word of mouth referrals. In short, consistently growing revenue. The cost of dissatisfied customers? According to recent research, $537,030,000,000 is lost in revenue to US business due to poor customer experience. Fifty-one percent of customers switched businesses due to dissatisfaction and 81% said the company could have prevented it.

How Not to Waste Time and Money on Operations

In order to improve operations there are some quick wins that you can achieve:

  • Ask your employees what systems and processes help them serve customers the best. Find ways to leverage this success within you company. Think about other areas of your business that might benefit from a similar approach and implement your successful processes and systems there.
  • Listen carefully for operations that draw the complaints of your customers and employees: fix, replace, or eliminate these operations.

In the long-term, identify specifically how each operational process or system helps your employees deliver a better experience to your customers or makes your company a better place to work for your employees. When operations do not clearly deliver customer or employee satisfaction: fix, replace or eliminate these operations. When seeking consistent revenue through remarkable customer experience delivered by enthusiastic employees, creating operations that work is worth the time and effort.

About the Author

ReneeDr. Renée N. Hale is Lead Consultant at WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc. WellSpirit Management Consulting provides custom company/organizational management solutions, individual leadership coaching and stand alone workshops.  Located on the 84th floor of the Willis Tower, Chicago. Call (312) 283-8020 to schedule an appointment today. To join the Business Worth Living  community, use the sign-up form on this page to receive our weekly Business Worth Living newsletter.


Three Tips for Managing Unexpected Problems


In the post Wow! I Didn’t See That Coming!,  I shared with you about the unexpected water problem that we experienced in the WellSpirit office last week. if we had addressed a known problem, we could have avoided that unexpected event. However, sometimes unexpected problems come our way through no fault of our own. Either way, the resulting momentary feeling is the same: chaos.

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Step Up Your Game!

Step up your game

According to WordPress, 78% of companies that blog DAILY have acquired a customer from their blog.  If you blog multiple times per day, that number climbs to close to 100%. Well, I (Jeff) didn’t know that until I read Secret To Daily Blogging With The Power Post by Nuclear Chowder Marketing (gotta love that name!). Here at WellSpirit Consulting, we’ve been blogging weekly. Challenged by the stats and tips in the article mentioned above, we decided to up our game. That’s right, weekly blogging is out – and daily blogging (or at least almost daily) blogging is in.

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