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Leaders Must Die

Fall-LeavesVivid autumn colors will soon burst forth across the Midwestern United States. Are you amazed by the shades of changing leaves, fall sunsets, and the harvest moon? But there’s more: it’s the season when nature dies around us. We see the grass turn brown; trees lose their leaves, and flowers dry up. It’s a transition to a barren time, a season when living things are dormant until spring brings life giving warmth and rain. Without the autumn death and the winter barrenness, the spring would not be filled with new life. Always welcomed as a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and life; spring could not exist without the true beauty of autumn. This is nature’s illustration of the fundamental principle of death and dormancy in order to bring newness and life; it’s paramount for leaders. So then, leaders must die before they lead well? In a way, yes.

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My So-Called Leadership

Follow The Leader!Back in the mid-1990s, the short lived television series called “My So-Called Life” dealt with teen life and important social issues of the day. The somewhat sarcastic title is so catchy because it captures the idea of meaninglessness and difficulty that so many teens experience. The show depicted the teen years as hard and full of struggle instead of light and fun. Some would consider this a pessimistic viewpoint; one that fosters a continued spiral downward towards a full-on nihilistic world view. Continue reading