Strategic Foresight: Future of a Turkey

turkey1Your Thanksgiving Day turkey takes a journey to get to your table! Many people along the way have already planned and implemented with the future in mind to make the turkey available for purchase—and then—cooks at home use strategic foresight for the advance organizing of the festive turkey meal! Consider the four day weekend associated with Thanksgiving: travel to and from a destination, the special meal, the football games, the activities on the day after Thanksgiving, and the weekend that follows. Many households plan the Thanksgiving meal weeks ahead. Agendas for visiting family and friends are carefully arranged, sometimes down to the hour. Shopping and activities entail schedules. To top it off, travel for the Sunday after Thanksgiving is declared heaviest of the year by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, with 13.7 million long-distance trips.

In the midst of most Thanksgiving plans one will find a special bird—the turkey. If one applies strategic foresight and end-visioning to the preparation of the Thanksgiving turkey, it’s sure to be a success. Furthermore, one can use this process of planning for any other aspect of the Thanksgiving festivities. Take advantage of this enthusiastic holiday planning approach to catalyze your everyday work, life and leadership, too! Here’s how…

Strategic Foresight: How to Do It Now

First, visualize in your mind the finished turkey just the way you want it to be. Perfectly browned, resting on a beautiful platter—followed by “oohs and aahhs” of satisfied guests. This final outcome, or end-vision, is what you aim for and must be crystal clear in your mind. It’s the first step in this strategic foresight approach.

Next, plan backwards from this ideal end-vision! What is necessary to reach the step right before the turkey is done and served? Certainly it will have been in the oven baking, and you will have prepared the platter for serving. What details need to be in place for that step to occur? What about the step right before that? What kind of preparation must take place then? In working backwards, you are flexing your strategic foresight muscle. Final steps are revealed before you ever start, so that you know where you’re headed from the beginning.

Finally, work your plan forward from the beginning steps. You can confidently enjoy the process all the way to the final result. Illustrated with the Thanksgiving holiday, strategic foresight with end-visioning is a skill that makes the planning of virtually any desired outcome in business or life seems more appetizing than ever!

About the Author

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