Leadership Perseverance: Don’t Give Up!

bigstock_Don_t_Give_Up_28727816Leaders must persevere to see desired results. Are you fatigued or discouraged while leading people to accomplish a project? Exhausted while leading yourself to achieve something significant? Follow the action plan below to boost your leadership perseverance in making difficult decisions, seeing plans and decisions through to their culminations, and learning/adjusting for improved performance.

Leadership Perseverance: Difficult Decisions

Leadership perseverance includes making some difficult decisions. Leaders should involve appropriate people for dialog, input, and different points of view in order to arrive at sound decisions. Ultimately, however, the leader shoulders the burden for decisions that may bring disappointment and possibly pain to some. If this is your scenario, remember what leadership expert Peter Drucker says: “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

Leadership Perseverance: Follow Through

Leadership perseverance also means following through on plans and decisions. Aristotle offered this thought: “Well begun is half done.” Leaders may need to oversee the implementation of plans and decisions to varying degrees—some people are able to continue independently in accomplishing goals, while others might require a more actively involved leader. Leaders should employ a leadership style that is appropriate for the individuals involved, the goal being to see plans and decisions through to their culminations. This sets a tone of integrity, dependability, and trustworthiness.

Leadership Perseverance: Learn and Grow

Leadership authors Tichy & Bennis in their book, Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls, suggest that leaders should learn new information and skills as well as adjust to new realities while following through on plans and decisions. Leadership perseverance in learning and awareness enables followers to perform better immediately, and to prepare effectively for the future. A teachable, flexible leader who is willing to learn and grow personally with each project can lead others to a higher level, too.

Leadership Perseverance: Your Action Plan

Here’s a three step action plan to boost your leadership perseverance level this week:

  1. Your decisions: Choose one difficult decision facing you in 1) your work setting and 2) your personal life. Write the decisions down. Now, list at least three people you can bring into these decisions that will dialog with you, give you honest input, and possibly present a different point of view to consider. Contact these people and have the conversations. Including insight from these conversations, make choices that move you closer to arriving at your final decisions.
  2. Your follow through: Identify one project requiring more than one person in 1) your work setting and 2) your personal life. Write the projects down. For each one, list ways you will come along side others as needed to accomplish goals within the project. List ways you will delegate individual responsibilities. List ways you will personally complete required tasks to accomplish the project. Follow through on listed actions.
  3. Your learning and awareness: Select an ongoing project which needs a positive boost to catalyze its journey to completion in 1) your work setting and 2) your personal life. Write the projects down. For each one, seek out through research, personal contacts, and/or learning activities the following: new information pertinent to the project, new skills that could enhance the quality of the project, and new realities in the world which may influence the project and its outcome. Communicate the information, demonstrate/teach the skills, and share the updates on realities affecting the project.

Leadership perseverance means action on your part through difficult decision-making, implementation, and learning curves. It is well worth the effort when you achieve the results. Don’t give up!

About the Author

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