Leadership: Follow a Star

three-wise-men-starDo you know the Christmas story of three wise men from the east who followed a star to find the baby Jesus? The star they saw guided them to their destination. They were determined to get there because they had important gifts to present to Jesus. They wanted to make the journey. They followed a certain star, and delivered their gifts! Leaders also have very important gifts to deliver: gifts of good leadership to colleagues and followers who depend on that leadership to guide, support, and encourage them. The model of determination, commitment, and generosity that the wise men displayed is a motivating example for leaders to emulate year-round.

Leadership: Give Your Gifts to Followers

There are three ways to give the gift of good leadership to colleagues and followers this Christmas and always. First, make good leadership a lifelong habit. Like the three wise men of old, be determined to complete your journey. For leaders, this means taking time for personal leadership development, personal reflection and evaluation of leadership performance, and receiving feedback from trusted colleagues. Leaders who do these things can develop humble and teachable attitudes. These qualities enhance relationships and keep good leadership flowing.

Second, follow your North Star to arrive at your destination. The wise men kept their focus on one bright star in the sky as they journeyed to the babe; likewise, leaders must have a principal guiding vision, solid values, and strategic path in mind in order to navigate wisely towards delivering good leadership to colleagues and followers. Make sure you know your personal vision as a leader—your ideal picture of the person you will be in your leadership role. Articulate your values—what matters most to you—and follow them unabashedly. Create a plan to keep yourself actively pursuing and living out good leadership principles.

Third, deliver the gifts! Abraham Lincoln said, “Determine that the thing can and shall be done and then we shall find the way.” With generosity and love, let the good leadership actions you share with others be intentional, evident, and frequent. The world will see that you are following your star!

About the Author

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