Leadership Focus: Foggles

fogglesLet’s take a lesson from aviators: learn to focus on what will save you and further your mission. Foggles resemble over-sized eyeglasses; they are “frosted” except for narrow, clear areas at the bottom of the lenses, designed to restrict the view to a small area. Worn by students learning to fly aircraft by instruments only, they force the wearer to rely on the only thing visible—the instrument panel! It’s the discipline of relying on information the pilot receives from objective instruments of measurement—not feelings, physical sensation, or optical illusion. Pilots with Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) training can fly through clouds, inclement weather, and darkness. This skill can save lives. Fatal accidents have occurred when non-IFR pilots have become disoriented, relying on their physical feelings of orientation—thinking they were ascending—when in reality they were descending to a tragic crash. Foggles are a tool used to develop the discipline of acting in productive response to reality, especially when it seems counterintuitive—to make course corrections that keep you on course and safe. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were Foggles for developing this kind of discipline in leadership focus—to keep your company or organization on the right trajectory for success? There are…

Leadership Focus: Trust the Indicators

Can we use leadership tools in the “Foggles capacity” in order to focus, learn, get great results and avoid disaster? Yes! Here are three selected leadership Foggles:

Vision Foggles: Create and articulate your organization’s vision—where you desire to be—doing what you desire to do with revenues you desire to receive. See it clearly with leadership focus: no side issues or agendas. Keep this ideal picture of the future in focus and in front of you and your leadership team. When the going gets tough, trust your vision and keep your eyes on it. Every action should move you toward accomplishing the vision. The vision keeps you focused and on course.

Values Foggles: Develop three to seven shared values so that it becomes second nature for everyone to focus on what matters most to your organization. These shared values communicate the character of your organization because behavior and decisions are filtered through them, developing trust in consistency. This is the world’s view of your organization. Cling relentlessly to your values for they guide all actions.

Legal Foggles: Learn the facts about laws that influence your organization. It’s not enough to delegate legalities and then forget about them. Competent and committed leaders understand legal principles. Even when delegating legal focus to appropriate colleagues within the organization (or outsourcing), you should understand the basics of the situations at hand. Whether it’s general compliance, labor relations, or handling difficulties—keeping the legal aspects of your organization current and accurate and communicating this well within the organization ensures a leadership focus which nurtures trust that will help the organization stay on a positive trajectory towards success.

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