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It is no secret that 60% to 80% of organizational change initiatives are never successfully implemented.

However, a recent global research study by Mckinsey & Company found that when frontline employees experience a sense of ownership of the necessary changes and are engaged in driving the change effort, the success rate rises to an astonishing 79 percent.

How do you lead change so that you achieve the kind of employee engagement that greatly increases the chances of success? WellSpirit proposes a simple 3 Step process:

  • Craft a Vision.
  • Build Alignment.
  • Champion Execution.

WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc.’s Maximizing Your
Leadership Effectiveness Personal Coaching
begins with the DiSC Work of the Leader Profile and adds personal coaching via telephone, Skype, or face-to-face. You will:

(1) craft a vision through exploration, boldness, and testing assumptions;

(2) build alignment through clarity, dialog, and inspiration; and

(3) champion execution
through momentum, structure, and feedback.

The Work of Leaders Proflile

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Purchase the Profile & 5 Hours of Coaching $1240 Now!

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