Hiring Done Right

Hiring done right gets the right people

Hiring Done Right: Hire with your Head

Hiring the right people is critical to the success of any business or not-for-profit organization.  However, hiring decisions often lack a structured process that leads to finding, recruiting, and hiring great talent. Without any systematic and objective way of comparing all the candidates for a position, many hiring managers just go with their “gut feeling.” These subjective judgments and intuitions are valuable when choosing between completely qualified, motivated candidates who have high potential for success on the job. Finding and recruiting these qualified, motivated candidates reliably happens when you are hiring with your head – using a systematic, objective approach. When you use real evidence from candidates’ past work experience to find candidates highly likely to succeed in the actual work of the job, you can rest assured that you will make a good hiring decision.

Using WellSpirit’s performance-based Hiring Done Right, you will confidently hire the right people. WellSpirit can help you manage the entire hiring process from creating the position description to onboarding your new employee.

Hiring Done Right: How to Get the Right People

The WellSpirit approach to hiring the right people is performance-based. This approach uses a systematic method to assess each candidate’s ability and motivation to do the actual work that comprises the job based on real evidence from their past work. This involves:

  1. Identifying clearly the work the candidate must do in order to be successful on the job.
  2. Identifying the minimum non-negotiable skills, qualifications, and experience that success on the job requires, and specifying the results that the use of these skills and qualifications will achieve.
  3. Recruiting candidates whose past work experience demonstrates the skills and motivation necessary for success in the role.
  4. Implementing the performance-based interview process, which links the candidates’ past performance to requirements of the position. A 10-Factor rating system provides an objective comparison of all the candidates.

Here’s how Hiring Done Right works:

Preparing to Hire

  • Preparing a Performance Profile: A Performance Profile includes (1) a description of why the role is a great opportunity, (2) the major objectives with accompanying sub-objectives the candidate must accomplish within a specific period of time in order to be successful (3) the non-negotiable skills or qualifications required to be successful on the job.
  • Developing a Job Application and other required documents as necessary.
  • In order to prepare for in-person interviews, WellSpirit will train the hiring manager and others involved in the hiring process in Hiring Done Right’s performance-based process.


WellSpirit’s recruiting strategy involves a mix of access to existing WellSpirit Resources, utilization of free resources, and commercial services as appropriate. This involves posting a Search Engine Optimized dedicated page on WellSpiritConsulting.com, posting ads and searching resumes on appropriate job boards, contacting potential candidates from searches, and contacting candidates that apply directly to your organization.


WellSpirit conducts a series of phone and in-person interviews,  ensuring that the persons the hiring manager interviews are all fully capable and motivated to succeed in the job.

  • Initial telephone screening
  •  2nd telephone interview
  • In-person interview of top candidates with recruiter
  • Assistance with on-site employer interviews (logistical arrangements, etc.)
  • Personality profiles of top candidates


WellSpirit will be available to assist in the final evaluation and selection of the final candidate. Prior to making a final offer to your top candidate, WellSpirit will conduct reference checks and provide candidate background screening.


WellSpirit can serve as the mediator between the employer and candidate in the offer negotiation process.


WellSpirit will prepare a congratulatory letter, written for and sent under the name of the hiring manager confirming the accepted offer, the starting date, and other on-boarding details.

Unsuccessful Candidate Follow-Up

Each candidate, like the average American, has about 640 persons in his or her network. In as much as each candidate is a potential customer, referrer, or supporter and may interact with others concerning your company, WellSpirit will be diligent in helping  assure that everyone involved in the selection process has a positive experience with your company or organization.

  • Appropriate email follow up with all unsuccessful candidates
  • Formal letter written for the hiring manager and sent under the manager’s name to unsuccessful candidates who participated in the final interview process.


WellSpirit can provide onboarding processes that range from creating the new employee’s orientation program or schedule to team building workshops to help the new colleagues quickly establish rapport and become productive together. We work with clients to tailor onboarding solutions to their specific needs and time frame.

Hiring Done Right Gets the Right People

Hiring Done Right will bring your business or organization the right people who are critical to the success of your business or organization. Let Hiring Done Right set you apart from your competition.

WellSpirit is committed to bringing high quality business solutions to small business and not-for-profit organizations. Contact us using the form below to discover how affordable it is to get Hiring Done Right for your business or organization.

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