Maximize Profits With An Engaged Workforce

The statistics are harsh—according to Gallup research over 50% of employees are unengaged in their jobs. This lack of engagement is directly costing businesses and not-for-profit organizations up to $350 billion in lost productivity annually.

Why is more engagement essential? Watch to find out!


Research also demonstrates that companies in the highest 10% of employee engagement top their competitors in Earnings Per Share by 72%.

To improve employee engagement, we recommend our Maximum Workplace Engagement Workshop.

WellSpirit uses the DiSC Workplace Profile and on-site interactive learning to help participants:

  • Discover their individual personality styles and explore the priorities that drive them during their workday.
  • Identify what works for them and what challenges them when working with each DiSC personality style.
  • Plan how to bridge differences using the DiSC model to work more effectively with their colleagues and with others.
  • Explore how the interaction between the differing personal styles influences your workforce culture.

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