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Operations that Work: Ensemble

jazz jpgHave you ever watched your favorite musical group perform? They look at each other, nod, gesture, smile—and sometimes speak! They’re intentionally connecting and communicating about the music they are creating together. This is called ensemble and the word literally means “together”. What a valuable skill, and one that is also present in all successful workplaces. Whether you’re in retail, manufacturing, professional service or non-profit organizations, working together well in ensemble means enjoying operations that work. What are some components of ensemble?

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Leadership by Email

email iconHow many messages are in your inbox? Do you sort, file, delete and respond daily? Many aspects of life and work are dealt with via email; what about leadership? When leaders need to communicate to give direction, make decisions, or in other ways to relate to colleagues, is email appropriate? Maybe you have received email from a supervisor or colleague that made your day—or, just the opposite, crushed you. Conversely, you may have sent the same. Leadership by email? Yes, it can work!

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Coaching the WellSpirit Way with 50% OFF!

coaching 2At WellSpirit we believe everyone has ability to pursue their vision, goals and dreams effectively. How that ability is developed is unique to each person. That’s why we approach coaching with a personally tailored mapping system and evaluation sequence to help you articulate what matters most to you; then facilitate concrete “next steps” that are relevant immediately, accomplishing measurable momentum towards results.

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Leadership Perseverance: Don’t Give Up!

bigstock_Don_t_Give_Up_28727816Leaders must persevere to see desired results. Are you fatigued or discouraged while leading people to accomplish a project? Exhausted while leading yourself to achieve something significant? Follow the action plan below to boost your leadership perseverance in making difficult decisions, seeing plans and decisions through to their culminations, and learning/adjusting for improved performance.

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Caring for People: Everyone is Important

caring for people


Sometimes it’s just a great day, good things happen, stuff goes right, and you’re thinking—“This is magical! Really? Could days like this occur more often?” We are surprised because we are accustomed to dealing with difficulty, anticipating annoyances, and feeling stressed. But there are ways to witness “magic” more regularly. In leadership it’s all about the people with whom you interact.

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Dominance Personalities: How to Work with Them

Working with Dominance Personalities

Driving to work, I could feel the knot in my stomach begin to tighten. I had to work with Dwight (not his real name) that day. Just the thought of working with Dwight sent anxiety through my mind and body. Dwight had a personality oriented toward dominance; he seemed like a bully to me. He was so forceful in his opinions that I thought Dwight was just rude. Besides that, Dwight always questioned my projects and ideas.  Dwight was in a position to make things go well or badly for me – I rarely felt like I had Dwight’s support.

We had a difficult time working together. Actually, I had a difficult time working with Dwight. I’m pretty sure that from Dwight’s perspective everything was just fine. After all, Dwight always found a way to get what he wanted!

That all changed in a moment when we faced the untimely passing of a mutual friend. We talked freely about our friend, our experiences with him, and our respect and affection for him.  I discovered a compassionate side to Dwight that I’d never experienced before. Somehow, Dwight came to view me as someone he should take seriously.

In this shared experience, we found a new way to connect with each other through our differences. From that day, our working relationship changed. Dwight became more friendly toward me and more supportive of my work. Likewise, I gained a new respect for Dwight’s competence, insight, and ability to get things done.

Now, I am not suggesting that to work effectively with Dominance personalities a traumatic experience is required. I am asserting, however, that you must find a way to connect through your differences.

Why You Need to Work Well with Dominance Personalities

It’s important to work well with Dominance personalities because they are likely to be supervisors and bosses! If not supervisor or boss, they are likely to be in positions of influence within your organization. Achieving positions of authority, power, and influence come naturally to Dominance personalities. In fact, others often consider Dominance personalities as “natural” leaders or “born” leaders. What causes others to defer to dominance personalities as leaders?

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