Best Leadership: Three Non-negotiable Values

the number 3 goldChoose the “best” response you can when you’re under pressure. Intentionally respond with the “best” in character. It pays off. Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible…” What do you believe about the importance of integrity and behaviors that flow from it? How do you know what best leadership is? There are three characters of response that always fall in the “best” category. Choose these three values when responding to any situation, and you’re on track for a better result.

Best Leadership: Integrity

First—integrity. Maybe in your leadership experience there’s an ethical issue, a moral temptation, or emotional abuse. Your steady determination to do what’s right no matter what is going on around you is like a shining star. This value of integrity may not call attention to itself, but it stands out anyway! As C.S. Lewis said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Doing what you know is right, even when it isn’t easy, is always the best leadership and a good investment of your effort.

Best Leadership: Excellence

Next—excellence. Demonstrating high skill in one’s profession is uplifting, confirms your credibility, and keeps you reaching for your potential. Staying on the cutting edge and offering the highest quality products and services is a quality of best leadership and forges a reputation that travels almost the speed of light. This good reputation draws clients and keeps your business viable.

Best Leadership: Care

Finally—genuine care for others. There are many positive, others-focused character qualities and actions that you or someone you know may practice on a regular basis. These illustrate the incredible ways good leaders take the opportunity to serve others. This is best leadership. Some of the ways are: intentional care for the wellbeing of family in work/life ratio, showing care for colleagues, competence and excellence in professional relationships, going the extra mile to make things right for a customer, and helping a student succeed with a little extra time given in tutoring.

Best Leadership: Take Action

As George Bernard Shaw said, “The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.” Take action for the best. Think of the positive momentum that “choosing the best” can bring to your own business or organization, as well as to others. Identify key areas of influence where you can choose the best leadership in integrity, excellence and care for others, and then focus on them:

  1. In situations where I have influence, can I make choices and take actions that are rooted in integrity and that will catalyze the best possible outcomes? What are these situations?
  2. Do I strive to stay at the “top of my game” professionally? Can I bring top notch skill to situations that seem to stretch my capacity? Am I willing to learn to do what it takes?
  3. How am I genuinely caring for others on a daily basis? Can I identify my own intentional actions to demonstrate care for my family, my friends, my colleagues?

About the Author

ReneeDr. Renée N. Hale is Lead Consultant at WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc. WellSpirit Management Consulting provides custom company/organizational management solutions, individual leadership coaching and stand alone workshops.  Located on the 84th floor of the Willis Tower, Chicago. Call (312) 283-8020 to schedule an appointment today. To join the Business Worth Living  community, use the sign-up form on this page to receive our weekly Business Worth Living newsletter.