Standing Ovations: The WellSpirit Story

Standing Ovations: How to Get Them

All performers love standing ovations! Businesses and organizations perform every day to satisfy their audiences. How do businesses and organizations get standing ovations?

Standing Ovations: An Amazing Moment Exceeding Expectations

It’s all about turning employees into raving fans who deliver the experience that customers value, remember, and share with others. This grows revenues within your organization so you can continue to create astounding results. From our work as professional musicians, we learned how to bring people together to create amazing moments – standing ovations.

Creating music as part of an ensemble requires blending and balancing many independent technical parts and emotional inputs to achieve a moment that moves the soul of the performer and listener. Top performers foresee the complete work and understand how all of the parts must come together in order to create that amazing moment when what they achieve together exceeds all their expectations.

Standing Ovations: Every Organization Can Achieve Them

This concept transfers seamlessly from people making music together to the skill of helping people work together towards a common goal.  Every organization blends the contributions of its individual employees to create something (service or product) that other people value because the service or product makes their life better. We want your organization to experience the thrill of a standing ovation from customers, donors, and/or end-users who believe their lives are better because of what you do.

For over 20 years, we’ve transferred the principles of musical ensemble performance to organizational leadership while living and working internationally.  We’ve traveled to many countries, working in diverse cultures to help various organizational units create strategies to accomplish their goals.  Learning to lead cross-cultural teams deepened our appreciation for the “people part” of organizational endeavors.

 Standing Ovations: Flow from Deep Beliefs

In the process, we learned a few things about culture. Culture is what we believe about reality, truth, human nature, and other fundamental issues. We want your organization to know the motivation, productivity, and prosperity that occurs when you act upon your deep beliefs.  Putting deep beliefs into practice creates employees that are raving fans. Engaging with your raving fan employees captivates customers, donors, and/or end-users through their unforgettable positive experiences with your business or non-profit organization.

The WellSpirit approach is values-based. This means we help organizations infuse the workplace with positive values. In fact, these positive values make it possible to have operations that produce raving fan employees and adoring customers leading to healthy bottom line results.

All values originate from some view of the world.  WellSpirit’s values flow from a Judeo-Christian worldview. In its simplest form, this means we try to live out, and to help our clients to live out, the most fundamental value of all – love. Contrary to contemporary culture, love in the Judeo-Christian worldview is not simply an emotion. Rather, love is a commitment to action. Specifically, love is a commitment to take action with the intent to do the right thing, for right reasons, at the right time, and in the right way. From this perspective, love is not the “soft side” of organizational management.  It’s a tough job demanding insightful judgment that merges deep care for people with a highly developed business sense, and operational expertise.

Standing Ovations: Your Organization Making a Better World

When we applied these principles across cultures and organizations, the results exceeded our expectations.  Our formula for success in working with organizations is based on a single, universal premise that goes back to our days as musicians: create something together that other people value, that makes the world a better place, and deliver that value through unforgettable positive customer experiences.

WellSpirit can help you to create a masterpiece – from astounding customer experiences delivered by raving fan employees; to ignited donors based on significant and credible results in the communities that you serve. WellSpirit Consulting is ready to help you experience the thrill of a standing ovation!