About WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc.

Jeff R. Hale, Ph.D.
JeffI have a passion that drives me. I’m out to change the way companies and not-for-profit organizations do business and help WellSpirit’s clients push through the boundaries and barriers they’re facing to create healthy workplaces – where employees thrive, are valued, are connected, are empowered, and their companies prosper. I want everyone to have a great job in a great place to work.

Making use of extensive global experience — 20+ years in diverse executive and operational leadership roles—and a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, my work as a management consultant enables my clients to be clear about why they are in business, draw on that purpose to engage their employees in meaningful work, and make sure their business processes serve their employees and clients in ways that increase revenue and profits. For me, that’s the key to staying cutting edge, building equity, ensuring motivated and high-performing teams, staying profitable (or becoming more profitable), negotiating the inevitable shifts of a dynamic business, and maintaining a connection not only with your clients but with your team. Contact me via LinkedIn

Leading global operations involving 600 people in up to 50 countries, and managing budgets of up to $17 million helped develop my expertise as a management consultant that helps my clients gather momentum, grow, and get to the next stage — whether that involves physical expansion, revenue growth, a culture shift, or positioning the company for a profitable sale.

Renée N. Hale, DSL
ReneeI work passionately for the health of organizations. Healthy organizations can stay well, solve problems, break barriers to growth, and sustain success. Our business and non-profit clients prevail over challenges by executive leadership and employees working together well to solve problems and embrace opportunities.

With over 20 years leadership experience in the US and abroad, I serve WellSpirit’s clients with proven cultural sensitivity, the ability to bring order to chaos, and superior organizational skills. A natural relationship builder with innate ability to unite people toward common goals, secure buy-in, and foster a sense of loyalty, I easily lead clients in strategic big-picture thinking. Using excellent planning skills and a strong understanding of how the different pieces of an organization should work together, I work alongside our clients for realistic and accomplishable implementation and transition processes for executing strategies.

My doctorate in strategic organizational leadership is in use daily. In my first year as the Executive Director for the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce, the organization grew by over 35% to a membership exceeding 220 businesses and organizations. Hosting and producing the cable television show Open for Business in Lansing, IL provided understanding of the challenges and opportunities that local businesses face. My clients benefit from my experience in collaboration with business, government, and non-profit organizations. This sharpens the solutions leading my clients – across a diversity of organizations and industries – to minimize confusion and reduce turnover, while boosting employee engagement, productivity, and revenues. Contact me via LinkedIn

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